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DuBoistown Volunteer Fire Department

Fire Officers

Fire Chief - Paul McKinley     Fire Police Captain - Craig Kropp         EMS - Paul McKinley

Administrative Officers

President - Rich Boyles 
Vice President - Mike Jones 
Secretary - Jody McKibben
Treasurer - Craig Kropp 

Trustee - Mike Jones 
Trustee - Rich Boyles 
Trustee - Fred March 
Trustee - John West


The DuBoistown Fire Department receives funds from fire tax which is currently set at .043 mills. In addition to fire tax revenue, 25% of funds collected for the Local Services Tax is given to the Fire Department. The department organizes various events throughout the year to assist in raising money. 

To find out more about how you can support the department through fundraising events or by volunteering go to their Facebook page or contact one of their members. 

If you would like to rent out the social hall please email for information. 

DuBoistown Fire Department Facebook Page

2661 Euclid Ave

DuBoistown PA 17702


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