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Police Department

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In 2019 DuBoistown Borough Police department consisted of a full time chief and one part time officer and the shifts covered were as follows: Monday through Friday 8 hours during the day and Thursday through Saturday 8 hours starting at 5pm. The budget for 64 hours a week of coverage was $96,098 for the year. 

Council approved to disolve the DuBoistown Borough Police department in December of 2019 and to contract with South Williamsport Police Department for 168 hours a week of coverage at $117350.68 a year for a total of 5 years with a 3% increase on the officers expenses each year after 2020. 

December 2021 Police Services Contract was extended to lock in the 3% increase on the officers expenses till December 2027.


January 1st 2020 South Williamsport took over all police duties in the borough of DuBoistown. 

Call 911 for all emergencies

570-327-8152 General Office Hours 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Call 570-433-4360 for non emergencies


Public Safety Director

Steven Cappelli 


Officer Dan Embeck

Administrative Assistant

Natalie Taylor


Cpl. William MacInnis

Detective Devin Thompson (Criminal Investigations)

Cpl. Jacob Summers 

Officer Daniel Boyd

Officer Seth Stropp

Canine (k-9) Unit Enzo (Officer Seth Stropp Partner)

Officer Gareck Esposito

Officer Trent Dunlap

Officer Kevin Grant

Officer Carter Pries

Officer Norman Hager

Prescription Drop Off Center 

Our Police Chief:  Chief Embeck has over 21 years of experience; serving with the Milton Police Department before coming to South Williamsport.  Dan retired from the Milton Police Department with the rank of Corporal holding that supervisory position for 11 years.  He was a member of the SERT team as well as the Criminal Investigator for the Milton Police Department for 16 years.  Dan is a Firearms Instructor, Taser Instructor and Field Training Officer.  He is also a  Municipal Police Academy Instructor at Mansfield University and President of FOP Lodge 52.  When he is off, he enjoys spending time with family and friends.  The Borough is proud to have Dan leading its police department.

Drop off any of your old prescription drugs in our prescription drop box.  Expired medications can be brought in and placed in the bin in the lobby.  Liquid prescriptions must be placed in a ziplock bag to prevent leakage.  Likewise, loose pills should also be placed in a ziplock bag.  Any medications left in pill bottles can be brought in with labels on.


All prescriptions will be sent to an incinerator protecting personal information.   No needles or sealed canisters such as inhalers are permitted.

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