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2024 Budget

Borough Council along with the Borough Manager have been working on putting together a 5 year strategic plan for the borough infrastructure and find ways to streamline processes and improve services all while working on a budget that will assist us in moving forward in the future to ensure that the residents of the borough are given the most transparent information as well as improved services. 


The DuBoistown Borough has three budgets. 

General Fund is for highway, administration, codes, contracted services, parks, etc. 

Council has approved at the December 7th,  2023 meeting to raise the real-estate tax 1 mil and the fire tax was raised 1/4 mil. This will give the general fund $52,925.00 more in the general fund revenue and $13,231.00 more to the fire department. 

Note: The real-estate taxes have not been raised since 2019. The fire tax has not been raised since 1996.

General Fund for 2024

Total Revenue $766,042.08  (to view revenue click here)

Total Expenses $644,405.39 (to view expenses click here)

Sewer Fund is used on all sewer infrastructure, treatment cost, tank payment, etc. 

Sewer rates were 72.50 per EDU and have been raised as of January 1, 2024 to 80.00 per EDU. The rate of 72.50 has been the same since 2016. (Click here to see Sewer Rate History)

Sewer Fund for 2024 (to view sewer revenue and expenses click here)

Total Revenue $571,780.00

Total Expenses $518,392.24

Stormwater Fund is used on all stormwater infrastructure, training, MS4 permit, projects, and authority. Your fee of $15.00 per EDU is not being raised in 2024.

Stormwater Fund for 2024 (to view stormwater revenue and expenses click here)

Total Revenue $81,513.45

Total Expenses $70,738.80




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